Week end en Bretagne!


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Hello everyone,

English version below

Après 3 semaines de vacances en France, qui  je vous assure,  ne sont pas de tout repos, je voulais vous faire un petit bilan.

Bilan des 3 semaines :

-Je suis totalement exhausted!

– J’ai déja pris 3 kg

-On a parcouru plus de 1000 bornes entre  Paris, Dijon, Clermont-Ferrand, l’Auvergne et la Bretagne.

Et ce n’est pas fini, puisque nous finissons par une halte chez mes parents à Toulouse, un coucou vers Avignon,  pour un retour à Paris pour notre dernière semaine avant le retour à San Francisco.

je ne me plains pas, c’est un vrai plaisir de retrouver les siens et mes papilles gustatives vivent un orgasme culinaire à quasiment chaque repas!

J’ai aussi eu le plaisir de recevoir à mon arrivée une magnifique montre, que je convoitais depuis quelques semaines déja.

Il s’agit de  la Soir n° 79 Mesh de Nicole Vienna

Je suis totalement fan, puisque je peux la porter avec tout! Elle se marie aussi bien à des tenues très chics qu’a des looks plus décontractés.

En effet, j’ai eu 2 mariages ce mois-ci et elle s’est accordée parfaitement à mes 2 tenues. ( je vous montrerais tout ca très vite)

Et pour ce look, nous étions en Bretagne chez des amis pour un petit week-end entre potes..

Pour ma tenue, il s’agit de pièces de l’an dernier.. Un top Mango, et un short Zara et mes indetrônables Stan smith!

Je vous le confirme :    « C’est que du bonheur d’être en vacances en France »

English version 

After 3 weeks in France, I can say, vacations in France are not easy.. 

Here is the result : 

-I am exhausted! 

-I gained 6,6 pounds

-We have traveled no less than 621 miles between Paris, Dijon, Clermont-Ferrand, the Brittany. 

We have to stop by Toulouse and also Avignon, for a come back to Paris before our return to San Francisco. 

I’m not complaining! It’s a real pleasure to be with my family and friends and my taste buds live a culinary orgasm almost every meal!! 

Also, I had the pleasure to get a beautiful watch from Nicole Vienna that is wonderful! This is the Soir n° 79 Mesh de Nicole Vienna 

This watch match with everything, a classy outfit as a relax outfit as you can see below.. 

I took these pictures in Brittany, last Saturday. We had a weekend with our friends and it was a great time for us.. 

For this outfit, I m wearing a top Mango and my shorts Zara and my irreplaceable  Stan smith! 

I can confirm : It’s a real joy to be on vacations in France!! 









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  1. Im so glad you enjoyed my dear! You look beautiful, love the shorts. But what I love the most about this outfit is the Nicole Vienna Watch! It’s absolutely gorgeous, you picked it very well. Have a wonderful day darling!

      • i will try so hard not to gush!fortunate for us that you became a real person instead ofanother famously beautiful actress!! because then yo8louwdn&#u217;t probably have such a friendly neighborly like blog. you’d be aloof and guarding your privacy! lol!i have been voting! here’s one more exclamation point !bear hug to you dear heart,tammy j

    • hey Leah-hadn't read your blog in awhile and was checking it out. I just got chills when I saw that you found your birthmother. That is soo neat. I always wanted to know someone who went through this and now I do! I love watching that show Find my Family. So neat and congrats on your photo business. You guys do some really creative, fun, unique work!-Kara "boudreaux" Savoian

      • LOVED Pan Am – air travel really was so glamorous in those days, wasn't it? Easyjet et all have a lot to answer for! My first flight by myself was from Gatwick to Alicante, 1986 just after I finished my A levels. I went to work in a bar in Spain for the summer, and had an ouoelgrtusay brilliant time!

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