My mission will be to  find the best clothes to fit your style, budget, and existing wardrobe.

Whether you like bohemian chic or classy minimalism, I will help you find your dream clothes.

Personal Shopping and Styling : After an evaluation of your wardrobe, I will hand select everything based on your shape, coloring, and lifestyle. Learn how to integrate your existing wardrobe with your latest additions. Discover how to maximize the wearability of the clothing, shoes, and accessories in your closet.

Monthly shopping service : After meeting for an evaluation of your body shape, life style, budget and wardrobe. I will select  1 or 2 outfits just for you.

Get dressed from head to toe (clothes, accessories) considering your shape, coloring and lifestyle. I would be happy hand deliver this clothes to your home or your office.

Seasonal Styling : When the new season is coming,  feel free to contact me for the seasonal styling

The first step is I come to your home and check your current wardrobe, body shape and lifestyle.

The second  step, about a week later, we go shopping together, and there I suggest my selection  of 6 outfits (clothes and accessories) to integrate in your current wardrobe.

Evaluate :  your closet and determine which items to keep or donate. Learn how to improve upon your style and identify what articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories are missing from your wardrobe.

Gift :  Too busy to find a good gift for your « Bien-aimée » ? I have a solution for you. Just answer a few questions about the person and I will choose a great gift according to your budget.

Group Shopping tour Paris : Discover the best of Paris. I organize this tour regarding  what you and your group are looking for . More information upon request.

Occasion shopping
Chic dinner in town ?Best friend’s wedding ?  I will help you to find the perfect outfit and honest feedback for that special occasion.

Be Awesome Work shop : Workshop in the format of a one and half hour about special topic to give you the keys to become the best of yourself ! ( 20 persons maximum) For dates and topics contact me or consult my Facebook page here

Prices start at 80$ per hour.

For packages prices upon request.

If you want to  book me, please send me an email.