J’ai crée ce site durant mon année de transition à SAN FRANCISCO.

Ancienne Juriste, j’avais décidé de lancer mon business de Personal stylist là-bas et je dois dire que j’ai été bien accueillie.

Maintenant que je suis de retour en France, j’ai décidé de le consacrer uniquement à des choses qui me font vraiment plaisir; c’est à dire la mode, la food et la déco! Et oui je redeviens juriste avec le plus grand des plaisirs!

J’espère que vous y trouverez un peu d’inspiration..

Et juste pour le fun, je laisse mon ancienne présentation en anglais.

Hello, I’m Céline, I’m a french fashion stylist and blogger.

I was born in Paris, precisely in « the sentier ».

Sentier used to be the first fashion district of Paris.

In fact, my father  who was a textile supplier had his business there.

Already,  when I was a child, fashion was really my passion, and I learnt all about fashion from him.

At 8, I already  spent all my free time to pick out the best outfit from my wardrobe. I had organized everything by color, it was not the best choice but I was a beginner.

At 13, I worked with my father, helping him to select the best products for his fashion business.

Like many parents, my mother wanted me to be a Doctor, my father wanted me to be a Lawyer.

As always, I listened to my father!

Even thought, eventually,  I became a lawyer, I never lost my passion for fashion.

Fashion was always in the back of my mind and in my appearance, and I continued to advise my friend at school,and then, my coworkers.

I created my own fashion stylist business, and I gave my best advice.

And today, I find myself in San Francisco

And for what better reason than to bring San Franciscans a touch of Paris in Fashion.

My purpose will be to make  you look your  best! I want to watch women realize their full image potential

My motto : Less is more.

Discover with me the clothes that make you unique.