How to choose the right swimsuit ?

How to choose the right swimsuit ?



Hello my awesome ladies!

We are in June, the sun is shining and soon, you will sunbath on a transat, sipping  an exotic cocktail.

But before anything else, you will have the difficult challenge to find the right swimsuit!

I know, it’s not an easy exercise and, lots of women failed for choosing the ideal cut.

So, with these tips, you’ll find the best swimsuit for your body shape.

It’s easy to find your body shape with this schema  :

Shema body shapes


Ready to hit the beach?

Here are some tips for choosing the best swimsuit.

The Pear aka the triangle

Your goal when shopping your shape is to elongate your figure; so that you look less bottom heavy.

I recommend to enhance to your top half with flutter top or fringe top which do just that!

My advice : Emphasize top half and play down your bottom half.

Bikini Lab Mixed Swimsuit $75.04                                                      Flutter top Pear

Bikini Lab Mixed Swimsuit $75.04                                                   No reference for this one! Sorry..

The Apple

Women with apple-shaped figures are generally bigger up top and smaller on the bottom.

My advice : Take the emphasis away from your top half by opting for a plain top with a patterned bottom.

Choose thick straps and show off your legs.

Classic hight waist bikini apple                                                        Monokini apple

Classic High Waist Bikini in Apple Green $39.99                       Black Edge Cutout Back One Piece Monokini


The Hour-glass

With  hourglass figures, you can get away with a number of different cuts.

My advice : Find a style that fits with your top and bottom. Avoid mix and match that can make your body disproportional.

Monokini hourglass                                            Bikini hourglass


Halter Wrap Swimsuit $65.00                                     Butterfly By Matthew Williamson Underwire Leaf Print Bikini $43.00


The Athletic aka the Rectangle

Women with athletic figures are generally non-curvy with narrow hips, they generally have very straight figures.

Frills, embellishments, and gathering can help to create the optical illusion of curves.

Swimsuit rectangle                                              Swimsuit athletic

Missguided Premium Bandange Swimsuit $51.00               Vero Moda Cut Out Swimsuit $41.00

The inverted triangle

Avoid patterns on the top, especially horizontal.

Emphasize on  your bottom half with gathers, ruffles, and shirring to give the illusion of curvy, wider hips to balance out your shoulders.

swimsuit inverted                                           Full bust inverted swimsuit


Pour Moi Fuller Bust Splash Swimsuit $62.00                  Pour Moi Fuller Bust Grr Scoop Neck Swimsuit $59.00

My last but not least advice : Make sure you’re feeling confident and in good spirits.

How you’re feeling on the inside counts as much as the outside!


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The right handbag…

The right handbag…



Good morning my awesome ladies!

It’s really hard not to crave a new handbag every season.

But finding the good one is often complicated..

In fact, your bag should fit your style and of course your budget.

But did you know that a handbag can flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans?

You can choose a shape that is the opposite of your figure. In general, the rounder your body shape, the more structured your bag should be..

So, here is my 2 indispensables! They fit with all body shapes.

The first is the trotter of Céline.

If you have a classic style, this bag is for you! It will match with all your clothes.

The second, is more bohemian chic..

It will give a romantic touch at your outfit..

I choose both! and what about you ?

Version française

Je ne sais pas vous, mais à chaque saison, je craque pour un nouveau sac. 

Aussi, trouver le bon sac est un vrai casse-tête dans la mesure ou il doit correspondre à mon  style mais aussi à mon budget.

Et, saviez-vous que votre sac à main peut vous rendre aussi belle que votre nouveau jean? 

L’astuce est de choisir un sac dont la forme est à l’opposé de votre silhouette! 

Par exemple, une silhouette en rectangle choisira un sac tout en rondeur..

Voici mes 2 indispensables pour la saison. Des formes qui matchent avec toutes les silhouettes.. 

Personnellement, Je suis complètement fan des 2 modèles.

Le premier est le Trotter de Céline.

Il s’accordera très bien à des looks classiques ou casual. 

Le 2nd est le Faye de Chloé.

Il est un peu plus dans l’esprit bohème chic avec sa forme et son coté bi-matière. 


Celine Trotteur black
Handbag Céline trotteur

Céline Trotter bag

Céline cognac
Handbag Celine

My heart is torn between the two of them

Bag chloé black
Handbag chloé

Chloé Faye

HandBag Chloé tabac
Handbag Chloé

So, which do you prefer ?

And the last but not the least…

My crush of the season : The Marcie by Chloé!

Marcie 3 colors
Handbag Marcie

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