How to  Wear  Hight waisted

How to Wear Hight waisted

Actually, I’m not very tall and t hight waisted is the most flattering shape for me.

Indeed, it happens to make my legs look about ten feet long.

Along with  short or skirt, the hight waist is the must.

High-waisted bottoms not only appeal to women of all ages, but also to women of all shapes, but I have some doubt for H body shape..(Here is previous post on body shape)

Indeed, to adopt  Hight Waist, your waist should be clearly defined.. If It isn’t move on! ( sorry for that) Lire le reste de cet article »

Camel coat, Must have of the season

Camel coat, Must have of the season

Personally, I am completely fan of coat camel, which gives us style and warmth at the same time.

By the way, this coat  is perfect for the walkings to the office.

If we speak about colors, then modern fashion doesn’t gives a « touch » to any color, that’s why many women wear it with red, grey, or green.

My opinion,  the best match is with   white,  black, blue jean and  grey.

But you can match it with other colors.

Here are a few ideas for outfits

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What is your body shape?

What is your body shape?


On the street as in the office, we are often attracted by a friend’s or a coworker’s style!

In fact, that is exactly the same way the model on the cover of a catalog or one on a mannequin in a store window may not be for you.
But, that outfit that looks so great on your coworker or friend, will it look that great on you?
Unfortunately, this is often not the case, because we don’t necessarily have the same body shape as the girl next door.

To look your best, you need to dress for your body type.

Determining your body shape is often the first step in learning how to dress in a way that makes your body look its best.

Indeed, there are no less than 4 different body figures…

The 4 main body shapes are Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and  Apple.

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